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3:33pm  Jul 30, 2015

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In the Kitchen with Josh Kennedy

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Alex Rance's Home Ground

10:00am  Jul 29, 2015

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Cats must keep Motlop

COMMENT: The Cats can't afford to lose their x-factor, writes Peter Ryan

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Who is likely to call it quits at season's end at your club?

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How the Dogs were built

PODCAST: Bulldogs recruiting guru Simon Dalrymple joins the show

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In the mix: round 18

Tiger's long wait may be over, Lions duo a chance and a Buddy big boost

12:20pm  Jul 28, 2015

Team of the week: round 17

A returning Sun lets his footy do the talking in this week's 22

11:00am  Jul 28, 2015

Dry July? Not for Hawks

Peter Ryan analyses Hawthorn's scoring run so far this month

7:00am  Jul 28, 2015

The final batch

Another 18 dual-position players revealed for the final AFL Fantasy run

4:40pm  Jul 28, 2015

The greatest teams of all

From the '60s to the '00s, Mike Sheahan picks his dream teams

7:00am  Jul 28, 2015

Versus: Doull v Archer

Who comes out on top? Watch the video, make the call

7:00am  Jul 28, 2015